Our broad experience allows us to provide a full range of services as we join forces with our clients to shape and implement both creative communications and progressive visual-design strategies that build and reinvigorate their brands.

Below you can find a selection of clients whose vision we have helped define, as well as some of their “love letters”.

  • The Hispanic Society of America
  • Google
  • Zagat
  • ThinkFoodGroup
  • Walt Disney
  • Pikolinos
  • Beekman Tower Hotel
  • Africa Renewables Ltd.
  • Next Urban Hotels
  • Roberta Freymann
  • Balaboosta
  • Socarrat Restaurants
  • Praktik Hotels
  • Lladró
  • HSBC
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Loewe
  • United Leg Wear
  • Beta Finance Capital Advisors
  • Fermín
  • External IT
  • H. Carlit
  • Walter Pictures
  • Paul Lisak
  • Best & Associates
  • Artes & Oficios
  • Spain Culture New York
  • Venture Green International
  • Roberta Roller Rabbit
  • Instituto Cervantes New York
  • BAM, Bosques Amazónicos
  • New Wines of Greece
  • Belafonte Arts & Media
  • Green Verticals
  • BrightFarms
  • Takoradi Renewable Energy
  • Consulate General of Spain in NY
  • Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project
  • Cricket Island Foundation
  • Loubet, Luzarraga & Associates
  • Spanish Benevolent Society of NY
  • Michael O’Neill
  • “{MERRY+} Team was able to crystalize the essence of my intensions when creating the Brand Identity of my company 330 WALTER. They beautifully incorporate both the old school Art Deco vibe of the historic building it’s located in as well as the contemporary and collaborate spirit the company allows. The logo and collaterals they’ve designed implement many ideals that I could talk and explain verbally, in a brand image. It’s a joy to look at what we created together!”

    Lia Mayer-Sommer
    Owner for 330 Walter
  • “We’ve loved working with you! – Your Team has a vibrant creativity and a playful approach that has made them a key asset in helping to shape Beefsteak, the brands they’ve worked on for us. They’re 100% dedicated to doing a great job and never cease to surprise me with fun engaging ideas.”

    Michael Doneff
    Chief Marketing Officer - José Andrés' ThinkFoodGroup
  • “The creation of a powerful brand is a significant accomplishment – and in this instance it was done with enthusiasm and exceeding our expectations.

    We enjoyed the interaction with the team and the results speak for itself.

    Nice work!”

    Marius Von Wielligh
    Managing Director - Engala
  • “Our big adventure wouldn’t have been the same without your company and professionalism. Setting up our first pop-up store in New York City was quite a challenge for us, but finding our local partner was easy as we were lucky enough to cross paths your company!

    Attention to detail, professionalism, creativity, and dynamism, in short: know-how that eased the way and an ending that undoubtedly inspired a new beginning just around the corner. The best part has been finding a company to help us enjoy the ride!”

    Juan Manuel Perán
    Vice President of Grupo Pikolinos - Pikolinos
  • “When someone does a particularly good job, I don’t think the last thing they should receive from a client is their check. So I’m following up with something that perhaps doesn’t spend as well, but will hopefully be just as well appreciated: a slightly effusive fan letter.

    Here is why I’m so happy: your work created a consistent image across collateral materials and the website. You paid sharp attention to our vital needs, and in many ways you impressed us with your minds, attention to details, and zeal for design and creativity.

    As a start-up, we needed instant credibility. That is exactly what you gave us. Your help in connecting us with Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo has made us a thought leader, and number one in Google for our sector.

    I have already recommended you to other business owners. For me, you are keepers for life. I’m looking forward to working with you again in future endeavors and as we grow our business.

    In the end, success comes down to supply and demand. Our supply wouldn’t be in demand without your Team”

    Sonia Medina
    Partner and Chief Operating Officer - Africa Renewables Group
  • “Merry+Valenzuela is formed by the most talented and extraordinary group of creators I have ever met. Your professional dedication and extraordinary talents are strongly backed by the quality of your work and amazing portfolio.

    It was a pleasure to work hand to hand with M+V on the design and development of the Spain Culture New York digital platform. It was an exceptional, top quality and outstanding product you created for the Consulate, and ultimately for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain.

    Your corporate identity was brilliant. The website and collateral materials cutting-edge. In fact, the platform is having each day more and more affiliates. We receive monthly a number of visits around 9,000 now, and the website has become the leading platform for the promotion of the Spanish Art in New York.

    I feel privileged to have had access to your talent, and hope this connection can carry on for many years.”

    Iñigo Ramirez de Haro
    Cultural Attaché - Consulate General of Spain in New York
  • “Our new website is clearly the best in our industry. While only launched a short while ago it is already having an impact–both in attracting new business and energizing the people who work for External IT.

    You had very creative solutions, as Jerry, our Chief Creative said you would, and the ultimate design was on the money. I realize this was a very large project, (and I ruined your vacation slightly) but when things were most challenging you seemed to work even harder. That wasn’t lost on me.

    A long time ago I learned the value of hiring people who have already been to the dance, and done well. And the value of hiring people who are driven to do more, to think beyond what they’re asked to do. M + V fit both descriptions. My “thanks.””

    David Matalon
  • “To everyone at your company,

    I’m writing to say “Thank you.” Thank you for all your smart thinking in helping us change our Image. It fits our hotel brand like a doorman’s white glove fits a doorman.

    Thank you for your brilliant slogan, “Less is Luxe.”

    Thank you for doing work that was smashing, across the board: signage, advertising, and of course, the website.

    By the way, if you missed it, Vanity Fair gave you applause as well in a very nice piece spotlighting what you did for us and highlighting the brilliant tagline.

    The hotel has received two awards now since the rebranding. The new image and signage certainly played a role. Not an easy thing to give a landmark building a modern facelift that marries with all the historic structure.

    One last point I should mention, the commerce components of the website are working like a dream. I’m no longer losing any sleep. You’ll remember how I was concerned about this given that reservations are our lifeblood.

    Again, my many “thank you’s” to all!”

    José María Trenor
    CEO - Praktik Hotels
  • We just finished the design of our new Brand Identity and Website with the {MERRY+} Team and we have to say we are 100% satisfied.

    They are very professional and understood exactly what we needed exceeding our expectations at all times.

    We will continue enhancing our brand and webpage capabilities with them in the near future.

    John Levy
    Director of sales - Global Energy Engineering LLC