A kaleidoscope of awesome sauce for Ketchup Mustard!

Ketchup Mustard Official
New York, USA

Ketchup Mustard is a fashion concept and clothing business that started in NY by two women in love with red and yellow, tie-dye, and Milton Glaser’s iconic “I LOVE NY” famous logo. They love to dance, have fun, and break the rules, because… why not? That freewheeling spirit is exactly what we wanted to shine through in their brand image, which includes an identity, animations, avatars, web design, and printed materials. The result? A dynamic and playful visual world inspired by the ladies themselves, their dance moves, and the cool ‘70s vibes and colors they adore.

The primary red and yellow evoked by Ketchup Mustard are unmistakable in the logo, packaging, labels and business cards, but this exuberant brand needed to break out of the two-tone color scheme. We developed a bright palette based on their personalized, quirky garments and used classic ‘70s iconography to enhance the retro feel.

We brought the founders’ avatars to life, made them dance, and filled the website with animations, videos, and even a custom version of the Pac-Man game to create a truly interactive and exciting user experience. Stepping into the Ketchup Mustard world is a wild ride where you never know what to expect, other than a great time along the way!

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