An Imperative Human Touch

We Are All Human Foundation
Geneva, Switzerland

The We Are All Human Foundation fights injustice and discrimination, promoting diversity, inclusion and equity through research and advocacy. This project was very personal to us, as {MERRY+} shares a commitment to this essential and inspiring cause.

We created an impactful logo that connects to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by borrowing a central shape and transforming it into an exclamation point to convey the urgency and determination of the Foundation’s mission. A fingerprint is added to remind us that we are all part of the human family, representing something common to all humanity, regardless of racial, cultural or gender differences. Bold colors and fonts enhance the potency of the logo’s message, making it unforgettable.

We also developed a brand architecture and comprehensive style guide to ensure strong and consistent implementation across all platforms.

Creative Direction I Brand Identity | Collaterals