Embrace your quirky, your crazy, your bold!

Fun Socks
New York, US

Fun Socks celebrates self-expression and encourage you to Wear Your Fun, every step of the way. Its array of trendy novelty themes has certainly never been seen in the market for patterned socks before.

Our task was to follow their key concept elements and expand on that by creating the most fun and bold imaginary. Within just a month, the full Creative Direction, Concept and Photoshoot were accomplished by {MERRY+} forcing us to push typical agency bounderies like never before.

Our founder Bea Merry was in charge of the Creative Direction and Photography, and we had the privilege to work with the amazing Set Designer, TaĆ­sa Malouf and great argentinian Stylist Viviana Rodriguez.

Website: www.funsocks.com

Creative Direction | Photography