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New York, US

The Hispanic Society of America in New York City, founded in 1904, houses the most important collection of Spanish art in the world outside of Spain. It had a very outdated brand image, the website was disorganized and the entire brand lacked identity.

We proposed a new, more meaningful and relevant name - The Hispanic, Museum and Library, and designed a minimalist but robust logo that projects strength, refinement and a perfect mix of classical and modern. The restrained color palette and editorial layout places the art collection in the spotlight, borrowing a signature ocher from the museum’s interior to connect with its spirit and convey its vitality.

We designed and implemented The Hispanic website, Brand book and all collateral and signage. We are currently in the process of giving a “face-lift” to the website as the live site was designed by us a decade ago!

Finally, we extended the design to the Hispanic’s social media presence, which also enjoyed a much-needed restoration.

What was the concept behind the new logo?
Archer M. Huntington, founder of The Hispanic, designed the original logo in 1904 and chose to place two columns as the central motif with the Latin phrase "Plus Ultra," in English "further beyond," with a sailing ship below the motto and between the columns. The columns symbolize the Pillars of Hercules, the two peaks that flank the Strait of Gibraltar. In Antiquity it was believed that there was nothing beyond the Strait, which was described with the phrase "Non Plus Ultra," in English "nothing further beyond." Following the discovery of the Americas by Columbus, Charles V chose for his motto "Plus Ultra," which later became the national motto of Spain, and appears in the coat of arms of Spain along with the two columns symbolizing the Pillars of Hercules.

The "H" of the new logo M+ developed preserves the columns in the style of "H" M+ chose, which relate to Spain and the symbolism of the columns and motto of the old Hispanic Society logo.

Click here to see the great new Logo & Website we've created:

The Hispanic Society, Museum & Library

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